Laser Countouring & Laser Skin Tightening with PrecisionTx

Skin tightening has never been more comfortable, effective and affordable!

A laser neck lift is where we use the laser to tighten the skin with a minimally invasive approach and we remove some fat if it is present. This treatment allows the skin to get tighter with minimal scarring. As you get older, even the laser may not be able to tight the skin, so a formal neck lift/ facelift may be needed.

What to Expect

During this procedure you are awake but you typically take an oral medication that Dr. Wright prescribes to relax you when you arrive at the office. You will not be able to drive if you take the oral medication, so plan accordingly. Some people prefer to have the laser liposuction performed under straight local so they can drive. If you choose this method, expect some occasional poking and pinching. Dr. Wright begins by injecting local anesthesia in the skin and under the skin. Then the ‘wetting solution’ is injected using a cannula into the fat and under the skin. Dr. Wright then lasers the fat and lasers the skin from underneath to tighten it. The fat if present is removed and at this point the skin is cooled and treated again for more tightening. Dressing are placed. The ear access points are left open for some the destroyed fat to drain out, so expect some oozing on to the gauze that is placed. You wear a foam dressing for around a week and then a compression garment at night for around 6 weeks. Again, the maximum skin tightening occurs at around 3 months and the final result can take 6 months to a year, but you will see the difference right away.

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