Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Procedures:

Breast Augmentation: Breast Augmentation can help raise your confidence. If you are unhappy with the size of your breasts in general or due to weight loss, aging, or pregnancy, Dr. Sean Wright can help you enhance your appearance and regain your confidence.

Breast Lift: To reduce sagging or change your breast profile, a breast lift by Dr. Wright may be the best choice if you maintain a stable weight.

Breast Reduction: If you are dealing with back, neck or shoulder pain, it may be because of your breast size.  Breast reduction surgery to remove breast fat can alter the size of your breasts to better fit your frame.

Tummy Tuck: For non-smokers, a tummy tuck can be ideal solution to remove that excess skin and fat around your abdomen. This procedure can help improve your waistline and create the body image you desire.

Eyelid Lift: Ever receive comments such as “Are you tired”?  This may be due to saggy or puffy skin around your eyes. Cosmetic surgery of the eyelids from Dr. Wright can help you look young and rested.

Facelift: A facelift may be a great solution to the facial signs of aging. Removing this excess skin can lead to extraordinary results making you look energetic and youthful.

BoTox & Dermal Fillers: If in line with your goals, facial injectables can provide you with a younger look by removing wrinkles.*  These injections relax the facial muscles and over time can lead to a healthier look around your eyes and forehead.

Skin Care: Certain procedures offered can be performed with little to no discomfort and essentially no down time. In less than 30 minutes, you will see results in your younger looking skin.

SculpSure: Do you have fat that is tough to burn no matter how much you diet and exercise? SculpSure can help you get rid of that stubborn fat without surgery while creating a more desirable body image.

SmartLipo / LaserLipo: SmartLipo is a great choice for those who want to remove excess fat and tighten their skin typically less downtime as liposuction. The fat is not only removed, but your skin will also tighten to create a younger and better look.

Laser Skin Tightening: If you want to tighten skin around your neck and remove fat with minimal invasiveness, laser skin tightening may be a great choice for you. While ideal results may take up to three months, you can see results immediately following your procedure.

Earlobe Repair: Repair a torn pierced ear or decrease the size of earlobes that can become stretched out over time. This quick procedure is done with local anesthetic, and you can even get your ears re-pierced a month after the treatment.

Thigh Lift: Dr. Wright uses a variety of techniques to improve the look of thighs, whether there’s excess skin from weight loss or you desire to reduce their size. Laser liposuction can be performed for smaller problem areas—a procedure that’s performed safely without needing to go under general anesthesia.

Otoplasty: This procedure reduces the degree to which protruding ears stand out from your head. Ears are set back with a virtually undetectable incision behind the ear and can help you finally see your ears in a positive way.

Mini Tummy Tuck: Through a personalized procedure based on your body, the mini tummy tuck is designed for those who want to remove hanging skin, remove extra fat, and tighten the abdomen.

Mommy Makeover: Your body transforms after having a baby, and the mommy makeover targets three main areas you might want to enhance after childbirth. By combining a breast augmentation or breast lift with abdominal improvements and facial treatments, you only have one recovery period to get back to what matters most.

*Results may vary from person to person

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