Blepharoplasty / Eyelid Surgery

If you’re self-conscious about loose, saggy or puffy skin around your eyes, or get frequent comments like “you look tired”, cosmetic surgery of the eyelids, also called an eye lift, can make you look more refreshed and youthful.

Dr. Wright will answer all of your questions about this procedure so you can decide if it’s the best solution for you.

What can you expect from blepharoplasty / eyelid surgery?

Dr. Wright will perform your procedure at accredited surgery center or hospital operating suites. Depending on your preferences, you will be given either local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia for your surgery. After you’re comfortable, Dr. Wright will confirm his pre-operative markings, and then remove extra skin and fat from your eyelids. Sometimes, he combines lower eyelid lifts with a peel of the skin to help tighten the surrounding skin. After your procedure, cool compresses will be placed on your eyes to minimize swelling and discomfort.

You can expect to go home the same day as your surgery. Dr. Wright will want to see you one week after your procedure to check your recovery – and then one month later to ensure you’re doing well.

For your convenience, you may pay for eyelid surgeries via a credit card or Care Credit.

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