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Breast Lift & Mastopexy

Restoring a youthful appearance to breasts, a mastopexy, or a “breast lift”, reduces sagging and can correct other aesthetic breast issues.

Dr. Wright specializes in breast surgery to improve your breast profile and enhance your figure – without significantly changing the cup size of your breasts.

Could a breast lift be the right decision for you?

If you maintain a stable weight and your sagging breasts trouble you, you might consider a breast lift by Dr. Wright. Breast lifts can also help if your areolas are enlarged, you have breast asymmetry, or your nipples point downward.

What to expect with a breast lift procedure…

Mastopexy is out-patient surgery so you can expect to go home the same day that Dr. Wright performs the procedure at an accredited surgery center or hospital operating suite. After one week, Dr. Wright will see you to make sure your recovery is going well – with follow up appointments one and six months after the procedure.

To make payment convenient, we accept payment for breast lifts by credit card and Care Credit.

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